Let me explain

In 1986 Rodney Dangerfield, at the top of his game, starred in the movie Back to School alongside Robert Downey Jr. (before the downward spiral) and Emmet Walsh (Google him, he’s in a whole bunch of movies, you’ll see his face and go “oh that guy!”). Now we can skip ahead to somewhere in the early 2000’s, when I saw this lovely piece of cinema, specifically the competitive diving scene where Dangerfield is cut together with a several stunt shots to produce that daring spectacle of the human form known as the Triple Lindy.

Now we can skip ahead to the current day and time where I erroneously believed this dive to be known as the Crippled Mindy. Just a half hour ago I was trying to think of blog names and this random connection came up and I entered it into the blog name line and it turned up to be unused, I was overjoyed.

I Googled crippled Mindy to relive the diving scene only to be given links to news stories about country star Mindy McCready entering rehab. I then Googled Back to School diving scene and to my chagrin saw that the real name of the dive was the Triple Lindy.

So here I am, with a name in my head that has connections to Back to School but for the internet has links to country music and now thanks to me has connections to both for you the reader. I thought that this half-cocked and perpetually unnecessary kind of free-association perfectly describes how both my head and the internet works.

So, in essence, welcome to Crippled Mindy.


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