A story 4: A slab of wet meat on a fresh dewy stone (part 2)

Here’s part one.

His teeth sank deep into that uncooked meat as his stomach chanted with barbaric satisfaction. Blood and water washed down the naturally impulsive meal of raw muscle. Every so often Dave would have to stop himself in order to breath, creating gaps in time that filled him with enough thanksgiving to make his eyes well up. But then Dave’s stomach inevitably realized its mistake.

That twinge of nausea rattled down through every nerve of Dave’s body as his skin felt as though it had dissipated, living him a shivering pile of exposed sinew and bone. Pain welled up his eyes as a monster began to claw it’s way out of his insides. Clucks and gags and noises reserved for animals made their way out directly from esophagus to mouth. Dave has a scrap of memory to end on. A blurry broad shouldered figure kneeling down on his hams.

When Dave finally did manage to get his body moving, he discovered a loaf of bread wrapped in cloth sitting next to a jug of water, dripping with condensation. Dave’s mind screamed with excitement so loud, that a little cry of excitement tore out from him, a noise he hadn’t made since he had been six years old. He ate the bread with abandon and the water hardly reached his stomach as it was absorbed by every piece of him on the way down.

And Dave Francis, surprisingly enough, managed to keep on living out in the woods for another week or so, without incident. Of course it took another human being to add true conflict.

Dave had a rabbit to cook and a bladder to empty. As he took care of one problem the other managed to get stolen away from him. He caught a good glimpse of the thief as he bolted off with something that he did not deserve. So agile David took chase. He ran enough to get winded but those legs carried him fast and far and before either of them expected it to happen, he had caught up to the burglar and the first thing he did was tackle him to the ground. Dave let punches fall down with muscle and gravity as the other writhed in fruitless escape. He made the mistake of believing that he had the upper hand on a cornered animal and focused all of attention on punishing the man who tried to take what was his. He didn’t notice the rock come sideways and to knock him on the temple, making a sound like a bar of gold on a wet slab of meat. David fell ragged and his life drained out. The thief recoiled in distress.

He put down the rock, but he held on to the rabbit.


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